Your Journey To Self Love

One thing supporting women over the years has taught me, time and time again, is
women often put others first at a huge cost to ourselves and to knowing, loving and supporting ourselves.

In understanding yourself, knowing and loving yourself and lovingly supporting yourself, YOU will have more to offer yourself, the people around you and the world. You CAN be happy and love the person you spend every single minute of your life with! YES!!!

I KNOW you are beautiful and have so much to offer yourself, those around you and the world and…
I want you to KNOW it and LIVE it too!!.

That is why I have created this course, just for you! 🙂

In this unique course, I will be sharing practical and easily implemented steps, soulful insights and group coaching to empower you to access YOU!

Guidance which will bring you:

Inner knowing
Inner Understanding
Abundant Love
Inner Peace
Inner Calm

What People Say About Your Journey to Self Love Workshop

Included in this 3 Week Course:

3 x 90-minute weekly Zoom Sessions. 

Session 1::        Kick your mean girl to the kerb – getting rid of those negative emotions and beliefs.


    • Above & below the line
    • Meaning = Results
    • Values/Beliefs/Boundaries
    • Forgiveness & Compassion
  • Session 2:        Find your True North! What makes you tick, what lights you up!

    • Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Negative /Positive ‘Self’
    • Changing our conditioning
      •  Extended DISC
      •  Values/Beliefs/Boundaries
      •  Own your greatness!…and just say ‘Thank you!’
    • Self-esteem triangle
    • Circles of Self!


    Session 3:        The Future is Mine! Charting your course to the life you desire.


    • Navigating Through Life – Vision/Obstacles/Goalposts/Values
    • CREATE Goals
    • Strategic Visioning Process 

    Thank you Alyson,

    for a great 3 weeks in our group session. You were so supportive with us and so generous with your time.

    It was great sharing our thoughts with each other and your wonderful encouragement and suggestions helped, and gave a different perspective at times which was useful.

    I love the resourceful handbook too.

    Dianne Tipper

    Thank you, Alyson,

    for taking the time to truly listen and provide feedback.

    I appreciated your warm compassion and ability to sense beyond what I was saying to pinpoint patterns in my life that I wanted to break.

    You’ve given me lots of homework, and I look forward to doing it and making real changes in my life.

    One session with you was better than any psychologist I’ve ever visited.

    There was no ‘that’s hard’ or ‘poor you’, but rather real steps to make real progress.

    Serina Bird

    I would like to thank Alyson for creating her self-love course, it’s full of wisdom and valuable teachings.

    Whether you are just starting out on your healing journey or refreshing. Alyson’s generosity and open heart will gently guide you back to your true self with love.

    I can highly recommend this course to anyone looking forward more our of life.

    Thank you again Alyson for a wonderful 3 weeks together.

    Angie Rassi

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