Power Your Life Coaching Vision:

To Make the World a Better Place By Empowering Others”

Power Your Life Coaching Mission:

“To Make the World a Better Place One Person at a Time”

Power Your Life Coaching Goal: 

“To Empower Women to Reclaim their Life (regardless of where they are in their journey) and Live the Life they Deserve!” (Fuelled by My Own Journey)


When working with someone, I believe it is important to understand each other’s values, to ensure clear communication and expectations.

I’ve always held very strongly to the need for living by my Personal values. However, it was only during training I did with Bec McFarland from Pop Your Business, that the notion of Business and Brand values were introduced into my thinking. Well, duh! Of course, it makes complete sense to have both business and brand values along with personal ones. Naturally, there is synergy and even overlap between these groups, they are intertwined because they’re all elements of me. I have started with listing my personal values because the other ones stem from there. The values cascade – my brand values flow from my business values which in turn flow from my personal values. I have listed only the values themselves below. Anyone who knows me knows that I talk a lot, well, the same is true in writing….! 😘 😂

If you are interested to read more of the detail, there is a longer explanation. You’ll notice that some values appear in more than one category, however, there is a different focus based on the category it sits in.

My Business Values

1. Respect
2. Service & Contribution
3. Integrity
4. Love
5. Honesty
6. Trust
7. Family
8. Acknowledgement & Affirmation
9. Financial outcomes

My Personal Values

1. Respect
2. Justice
3. Integrity
4. Gratitude
5. Forgiveness
6. Financial Freedom
7. Family
8. Love
9. Humour
10. Contribution
11. Growth
12. Acceptance
13. Acknowledgement
14. Reliability
15. Responsibility

My Brand Values 

1. Empowerment
2. Purpose
3. Fulfilment
4. Optimism
5. Growth
6. Commitment
7. Transformation.

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